About The Band

Putting the laughter back into manslaughter, splitTRACT has returned to slay you with a new line-up, massive shredding guitars, bigger drums, and sharp melodic hooks that will gut you like a Saw movie.
I mean, why kill a person with kindness when you can use a 7- String axe, Chevelle-infused riffs, and Mesa amps cranked to 11?
The fuse has been lit, the atom’s been split, and from this explosive hellfire, splitTRACT emerges with dark mid-tempo grooves, thoughtful lyrics, and the type of chorus’ that make you crank up the radio and scream randomly at passing motorists.
But be prepared to sever your ties with what you think rock is, as splitTRACT prides itself on versatile song-writing amongst dynamic mood-shifts, while always reminding you that sooner or later… there will be blood!
If you’ve ever wondered what the spawn of Deftones and Tool would sound like, splitTRACT JUST became the soundtrack to your life!